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comment VSO's 'ConvertXto' programs are the only products available at a consumer-lever cost which allows for creating/editing/formatting standard selection... comment
Craig 26 February 2021 Chicago, United states Leia mais...
comment this software is wonderful,i wish it was free permanently but i am glad i have the chance to try it. comment
sean kelly 13 June 2018 Leia mais...
comment Over the years I've formed a "Bond of Trust" with VSO software. Its really that simple :-) comment
James 13 May 2018 Leia mais...
comment This software worked far better than I had ever expected. Don't consider anything else as it is brilliant. Thank you comment
Snozzlecumber 14 October 2017 Leia mais...
comment this software is great, vso software very professional comment
will 10 June 2017 Leia mais...
comment Easy to use rendering program. comment
Dayantha (Marky) Makalanda 24 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment Very easy to use and gives excellent results. comment
Fred Fellendorf 20 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment Bought the blu-ray version of "ConvertXto-" after using various versions of ConvertXtoDVD. As with the DVD versions, I find it very reliable and it does its... comment
Keith dalton 14 October 2016 Leia mais...
comment I was trying to make Blu-Ray disc from my .avi and .mp4 files that I have collected. I found that ConvertXtoHD did everything I wanted. It help me create create... comment
Nick 13 October 2016 Leia mais...
comment I Would have given 5 stars except the menue interface needs a little work but i love this program comment
m degenhardt 23 June 2016 Leia mais...
comment Great software that does exactly what it says, works very well. comment
Andrew Georgiou 21 June 2016 Leia mais...
comment Simple, easy to use but very powerful software for making blurays from various different file types. Seems very stable so far under Windows 10. comment
Peteseeger 21 June 2016 Leia mais...
comment works perfectly comment
Andrew 11 January 2016 Leia mais...
comment best bluray creator i have ever used comment
robert 15 December 2015 Leia mais...
comment Convert X to HD & DVD are by far the most feature packed and user friendly software that I have ever used to create dvd's and blue ray disc's. I can't really think... comment
Maurice 07 November 2015 Leia mais...
comment pleased with all VSO products. comment
Gary E. Ross 21 October 2015 United states Leia mais...
comment Fantastic. Slow (but what would you expect) I converted a 2.2 gig file to 50 gig the result out of this world. Pity you can not better the sound though. Down_Uunder comment
Wattsie 01 September 2015 Leia mais...
comment ConvertXtoHD is by far the best blu-ray burning program I\'ve ever used. You can fit more video on a 25gb blu-ray with convertxtohd then any other program out there.... comment
Wayne 13 July 2015 United states Leia mais...
comment I have been making and creating DVD\'s from different formats for years but I could not find a top notch product. 5 years ago I did yet another search on Google... comment
Peter O`Handley 23 June 2015 Leia mais...
comment Brilliant software. I\'ve been searching for a while for the ability to author Bluray discs in one easy program and I\'ve found it! comment
sam 23 June 2015 Leia mais...
comment I have the ultimate version. Extremely easy to use software package. You have the power to manipulate video anyway you want. Or, you can simply burn your project... comment
Lamar 23 June 2015 Reno, nv, United states Leia mais...
comment Like all VSO products, ConvertXtoHD is a superb software: reliable, fast processing and high quality video conversion. VSO is VSO and it has no \"perhaps\" comment
Joe Louis Lus 24 May 2015 Moreni, Romania Leia mais...
comment This is a great software! comment
john 17 May 2015 Leia mais...
comment For when every other program doesn\'t work or is too complicated, XtoHD is a godsend. Amazing work even back from the days of XtoDVD. comment
Brandon 07 May 2015 Atlanta, ga, United states Leia mais...
comment I am so please with your software. Most of the time I wasted my money on expensive software which does not deliver what they meant to do. You are the BEST. comment
JEAN VARLET 01 May 2015 Hobart, Australia Leia mais...
comment ConvertXtoHD is excellent video conversion software. It does the job, quickly and efficiently, and I\'ve never had a single problem converting video. On top... comment
Robert F. 30 April 2015 United states Leia mais...
comment Fastest software for creating quality Blu-ray and AVCHD with menus. Some can\'t make AVCHD. Some make Blu-rays and AVCHDs that will only play on your PC. Most free... comment
Everett ferrell 18 March 2015 United states Leia mais...
comment Very good program for converting BDMV to either shrink to 25GB or avchd 4300mb. Plus burn to disk, I use BD re write and burn BD movies comment
Mike J 08 February 2015 Leia mais...
comment This is amazing software, does exactly what it says it will...very user friendly...not complicated at all. Never fails and delivers very clear results. I also own... comment
Rubylynn 28 January 2015 Canada Leia mais...
Qualidade impressionante Opções de edição Conversão em 1 Clique Criação de Menus

Suporte para todos os formatos de vídeo

supported formats
Veja todos os formatos
  • Formatos de entrada
  • Saída
  • Video Formats  Video Codecs    
    DVD Video, .ifo, .ts, .vob, .mpeg, .mpg, .m2p, .ps 
    Blu-ray, .m2ts
    AVCHD, .mts
    .avi, .divx, .xvid
    .iso, .img, .bin/.cue
    .mkv, .webm 
    .mov, .mp4, .m4v
    .ogg, .ogm
    .ram, .rm, .rmv, .rmvb, .rv
    .flv, .swf, .asf
    .wm, .wmr, .wmv 
    .3gp, .3g2
    .avs, .dat, .evo, .nsv
    .dvr-ms, .tod, .mod
    H.263, H.264
    MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
    DivX, Xvid
    DV, VC-1
    Flash, FLV, Webm 
    VP6, VP7, VP8, VP9 
    MJPEG, meta-data
    Real Video 2/3/4
    TechSmith, Theora, Uncompressed, Cinepack, Cooker
    WMV V7, WMV 8, WMV 9
    Audio Formats Audio Codecs 
    .ac3, .dts
    .wav, .wma, .wave
    .ape, .au, .mka, .aif
    .mp1, .mp2, .mp3, .mpu, .mpa, .mpga
    .m4a, .ma4, .mpc
    .flac, .ogg
    .ra, .ram, .rm
    MP1, MP2, MP3
    FLAC, Monkey's Audio, WavPack
    Vorbis, Opus
    PCM, Uncompressed
    WMA 9, WMA Pro, WMA Voice
    .srt, sub
    .ass, .ssa
    .smi, .ssa
    DVB Subtitles
    DVD Subtitles
    Blu-ray Subtitles, PGS 
    MOV subtitle 

    • AVCHD Structure (disk and USB)

    • Blu-ray Structure

    • ISO output available, create image on hard drive

    *Looking to convert to other HD formats, see our all-in-one video converter ConvertXtoVideo

    Video Subtitles Audio
    Codec: H264 
    480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
    Blu-ray Subtitles
    with option to embed/hard code them

    AC-3, 2 channels
    AC-3, 6 channels
    DTS Dolby TrueHD / HD Master Audio (remux / copy)

    *Convert to blu-ray with our blu-ray creator software which includes a burning engine and can burn any type of Blu-ray and DVD disk and compatible will all burners. Recommended quality brands are Sony and Verbatim.

    AVCHD format is basically blu-ray on a DVD disk, a way to have HD on DVD without having or owning a blu-ray burner or blu-ray disks.
Fácil de Usar

Fácil de Usar

- Para usuários iniciantes e avançados
-Janela de pré-visualização, veja as alterações ao vivo
- À prova de falhas
- Funciona em 1 clique: nenhuma experiência necessária


- Junte vários vídeos
- Remova partes desnecessárias do vídeo
- Preenchimento & Recorte
- Gire a imagem
- Sincronização de vídeo/áudio/legenda
Qualidade Perfeita

Qualidade Perfeita

- Assistente de aprimoramento de imagem
- Controle de brilho / contraste / luminosidade
- Filtros especiais para resultados impressionantes
- Assistente de qualidade
Criação de Menus

Criação de Menus

- Use um menu predefinido ou personalizado
- Personalização total: edite o vídeo e áudio de fundo,
   duração, animação, etc
- Salve modelos de menu
- Opção de vídeo de introdução, é reproduzido após o
   menu principal
Legendas & Capítulos

Legendas & Capítulos

- Suporte avançado de legendas (soft e hard)
- Editor de texto para personalização extrema
- Adicione copyright / marca d'água
- Adicione capítulos
Conversões Rápidas

Conversões Rápidas

- Codificação & decodificação por hardware
- Conversões simultâneas
- Suporte a multitarefa
   intel support   nvidia support
Recursos Pro

Recursos Pro

- Tela cheia ou widescreen
- Normalização de áudio
- Codificação em 2 passes
Grave ou Salve onde quiser

Grave ou Salve onde quiser

- Salve no PC / transfira para USB
- Grave Blu-rays, DVDs AVCHD e arquivos ISO
- Compatível com qualquer aparelho de Blu-ray
- Grave várias cópias